• Poster winners are announced!

    The China Lake Association has announced the winners of the Fourth Annual Poster Contest. 

    The First Place was awarded to Sarah Praul, while the Second Place went to Sam Golden. Congratulations to the winners!

    First Prize poster, by Sarah Praul.

    Sam Golden with her award-winning poster. 

  • The 2015 newsletter has been published.

    This year's publication features the President's report, an update on the alewife restoration, a discusion of Lake Smart, and a complete guide to China Lake's bass fishing tournaments.

    You may download your own copy, now available in two formats, from our Newsletter page

  • Details of the upcoming CLA Annual Meeting

    Time and location

    Saturday, July 25, 2015
    9 – 11 AM
    China Primary School Gymnasium
    763 Lakeview Drive
    China, Maine


    • Welcome – Scott Pierz, President
    • Poster Contest Winners – Marie Michaud and Nancy Woodberry
    • Alewife Restoration Initiative (ARI) – featuring Nate Gray of the Maine Department of Marine Resources, with guest appearances by Landis Hudson (Maine Rivers), Jennifer Irving (Sebasticook Regional Land Trust), and James Hart (China Region Lakes Alliance).
    • Coffee Break - Coffee and muffins provided by Green Bean Cafe
    • LakeSmart Program news – Maggie Shannon, Director and Lake Smart Coordinator, Maine Lakes Society
    • China Lake Loon Count – Bob O’Connor
    • Election of Officers
    • Other Business
    • Adjourn

    Information about our guest speakers

    Nate Gray, Scientist
    Maine Department of Marine Resources
    (207) 624-6344

    Landis Hudson, Executive Director
    Maine Rivers
    (207) 847-9277

    Jennifer Irving, Executive Director
    Sebasticook Regional Land Trust
    (207) 948-3766

    Maggie Shannon, Director and LakeSmart Coordinator
    Maine Lakes Society
    (207) 495-2301 



    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the 2015 annual membership meeting of the China Lake Association (CLA) will be held Saturday, July 25, 2015 at 9AM at the China Primary School, 763 Lakeview Drive in China, Maine. The Meeting’s purpose is:

    *To receive the President’s report on CLA’s activities & projects since last year’s annual meeting;

    *To elect the following people as CLA Directors for terms expiring at the annual meeting shown after their names: Ed Bourdreau (2018), Jamie Pitney (2018), James Hart (2018), and Scott Pierz (2018).

    *To elect the following people to serve as CLA Officers until the 2016 annual membership meeting:

    Scott Pierz, President
    David Preston, Secretary
    Tim Axelson, Treasurer
    James C. Pitney, Registered Agent

    *To transact such other business as shall properly come before the assembly.

    Dated:  July 5, 2015

    Scott Pierz, President
    David Preston; Secretary

  • CLA annual meeting has been scheduled

    The China Lake Association's annual meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, July 25, 2015 at 9:00AM. It will be held at the China Primary School at 763 Lakeview Drive in China, Maine.

    All are welcome to attend!

  • Our Mission Statement

    This is our mission statement:

    • To educate the public regarding China Lake which is declared by Law as public property owned and controlled by the State of Maine for the benefit of the public; 
    • To educate the public regarding the restoration and protection of China Lake;
    • To encourage, facilitate and disseminate scientific research regarding China Lake;
    • Through education, fund raising and other proper activities, to guard the waters of China Lake against pollution, to preserve the environmental health of the China Lake watershed and to protect and enhance the beauty of the Lake and its adjacent area.
  • CLA Poster Contest Is Announced

    The China Lake Association has announced the Fourth Annual Poster Contest. Here is the announcement that was issued last week. 

    Dear China Middle School 5th and 6th Grade Students and their Parents,

    The China Lake Association (CLA) is sponsoring its Fourth Annual Poster Contest. This year, the CLA is asking students to work with their parents to create an informative poster based upon the Alewife Restoration Initiative (ARI).  We are privileged to have Landis Hudson, the Executive Director of Maine Rivers join us to present an awesome and inspiring program to introduce and explain the ARI. The program will be presented at the China Middle School on March 27 at the approximate times of 9:00, 11:45 and 12:45. It will explain how the health of rivers, lakes and the ocean are connected, and how this helps people and wildlife. Parents are invited to attend the program at the school. If this is not convenient for parents, the program will also be available on the China Lake Association’s website:

    The posters should, first of all, INFORM the public about alewife restoration, and should focus on China Lake and its surrounding watershed. The poster judges will be looking for COLORFUL, well ORGANIZED, and visually appealing posters.  Drawings should be bold and imaginative.  They can create a slogan for the project or a logo.  Posters must be submitted on the poster paper provided and contain the child’s name. The deadline for submitting posters is June 12.  There will be first, second and third place winners for each grade. Two of the judges are local artists and two are directors of the China Lake Association.  The  China Middle School will provide the judges with contact information to inform students who have won.  Some posters will be displayed at local businesses to support the project.  Awards will be presented at the China Lake Association’s Annual Meeting to be held July 27, 2015 at the China Primary School.

    School Contact Person: Mrs. Maroon.

    CLA Contact People: Marie Michaud, 207-242-0240 and Nancy Woodbrey, 207-872-2614.


  • CLA Winter Meeting to be held on January 29

    The next China Lake Association meeting will be Thursday, January 29, 2015, at 6:00 p.m. at the China Town Office. The tentative agenda is as follows:

    • Introductions
    • Review Mission Statement
    • CLA Website
    • Report of the CRLA on the Alewives Restoration Initiative (ARI) for China Lake
      > Timeline for the ARI
      > Funding/Fund Raising/China TIF
    • Financial Report
    • 2015 Objectives
    • Additional Business
      > Annual CLA Meeting - Summer 2015
      > Newsletter
    • Adjourn

    The public is invited. 

  • CLA Summer Newsletter Is Out!

    We have just published our latest newsletter, which is David Landry's last as President of the CLA. There is other news about alewives, fishing, and lake levels. Click here to download it. 

  • New Water Level Order

    As part of the ongoing effort to improve water quality the Kennebec Water District petitioned the state last year to allow for a larger drop in fall water levels in China Lake.  This would allow a greater  “flush” of algae and phosphorus out of the lake. In a 2012 research report Bjorn Lake of Kleinschmidt Consults stated that a slightly early flush, from November to October, and a greater magnitude drop in fall water levels, from -1.5 to -2.5 feet would rid the lake of an additional 400 pounds of phosphorus annually. The excellent graphic that was done by CLA Director Bob O’Connor depicts the new water levels very clearly.

    There are always questions about the lake being higher or lower than normal. The upper allowed water level in this new order is unchanged. What does change from year to year is whether there is enough rainfall to keep the lake at the prescribed levels. We have a dam with enough capacity to avoid flooding in the case of extreme rainfall but there is little we can do in very dry years.

    All of the water levels discussed are referenced to the cement spillway on the outlet dam. If you a curious how the water level on any given day reflects the prescribed water level take a trip to the dam with a yard stick and measure the water level above or below the spillway to see where we are. For those wanting more frequent water level updates you can make your own water level gauge. Get a small board about 4 inches wide and 4 feet long. On the center of the length of the board mark  “0” then measure above and below the  “0” in 6 inch increments going to plus 2 feet and minus 2 feet. Next, take a trip to the dam and see where the water level is in regards to spillway. Lets say the water level is 4 inches above spillway. Go home, take your newly painted  “water level gauge” and go down to your dock. Tie the gauge to one of the dock legs so that the lake water level you just measured is at that measurement on the gauge. For this example, you measured the water level as 4 inches above spillway. Affix the measurement stick to a dock leg so the water laps at the plus 4 inch level on your board. Now you have your own water level gauge and will always be able to tell where the daily water level is in regards to the target level.